Name: Zaradorn

Short description: The grand city of Zaradorn is one of the largest merchant cities of rune. The City is known for its immense wealth and large population. The city is placed on a mountain slope, the higher quarters being the richest while the lower dock areas are slum and filled with crime.

City ruler: Merchant lord chancellor Geis

Population Around 58000 Citizens, in addition the city also controls the many surrounding villages.

Citizens: The citizens of Zaradorn are almost exclusively human.

Main trade / resources in area: The primary exports of Zaradorn are agricultural products, merchant crafts and various luxurious products. The city imports large quantities of meat.

Larger description:

NPC’s / Notabale characters:

Player events: Usmok Ochretangle gained Eagle Knighthood from the keep here.

World / city events:

Large description:

Military/Fortifications: The city of Zaradorn is completely surrounded by a 7 stone meter Wall. The wall has few stone guardhouses.
The City has 6 large gates, closed with reinforced wooden doors.
The city guard and standing army consists of 300 Military personal(300 lightly armored crossbowmen). The city has large amounts of personal guards taking orders from the richest of the merchants, however these are not a part of the cities defenses. In addition to these forces, the city of Zaradorn has one of the eagle knight keeps capeable of mustering 29 eagle knights, and 50 squires.


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