Red sands

Name: Red Sands

Short description: Duchy capital of Red Sands, a large whaling city with a large port. Minor ammounts of agriculture, mainly depended on animal hunting and fishing.

City ruler: Unknown


Citizens: The citizens of Red Sands are primarily Humans(70%) and a large population of half-lings (19%)

Main trade / resources in area: The main exports of Red sands are, whale oil, many kinds of fish, small ammounts of pelts.

NPC’s / Notabale characters:

Player events:

World / city events:

Large description: One of the two Duchies in Chakathamore that border the landbridge to the Scar making them the main targets of undead attacks. Just like Raven Spire they have many battle hardened men and women.


Places of Interest

Red sands

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