Name: RavenSpire

Short description: Duchy capital of RavenSpire, home to some of the most battle hardened populations, constantly fighting the ever present undead on their borders.

City ruler: Unknown


Citizens: The citizens of RavenSpire are primarily Humans(65%) and a large population of half-lings (27%)

Main trade / resources in area: The main exports of RavenSpire are pelts, half-ling crafts, minor ammounts of gold & gold crafts.

NPC’s / Notabale characters:

Player events:

World / city events: On Early 2, Hematite 682 in Cais, the party heard from the town crier in Cais that RavenSpire’s capital was under heavy attack from the undead.

Large description: One of the two Duchies in Chakathamore that border the landbridge to the Scar making them the main targets of undead attacks. The population is battlehardened men and women. One of the lesser wealthy duchies but rich in fighting men and women including many Paladins and Clerics.


Places of Interest: Wedgmore , home of the character Tenroujima Acnologia it is a small farming / hunter gathering town N-E of RavenSpire.


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