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Player Characters

Durdle Hulinforge

Tenroujima Acnologia

Usmok Ochretangle

Alfred Deyzac

Thorak the Ineffable, “Giantbane,” Son of Isild Caine

Former Player Characters

Osmo Dullboard

Vognar Grimbeard

World Regions
Chakathamore Korgarah Magador The Great Scar
The Oon Isles The Runic Lands Umkarah Xakarrah
Anith’Char Cais Calthos Ciolon Dancetolltower Dracana Khralos Knight’s Port
Magnos Muhl Ola’Icar Ravenspire Red Sands Thrakai Vinelake West Gate
Whirlworl Woodscrown Zaradorn

Other Locations
The Oon Spring Fair

World History – Dwarven Empire
World Calendar

Main Page

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