Name: Cais

Short description: The port city of cais has high walls and a large port. The people are wearing thick clothing and skins to keep the cold at bay. No agriculture is aparent and it seems that most food are from the sea, animal hunbandry or hunting.

City ruler: Sealord Ruchal Morgalson.

Population Around 6000 Citizens, plus a varying amount of travelers, nomads or hunters (hundreds).

Citizens: The citizens of Cais are primarily human, however a minority of half orcs, orcs and dwarves exists.

Main trade / resources in area: The primary exports of Cais are whale oil, mammoth ivory, salt fish and smoked meat.

Larger description:

NPC’s / Notabale characters:

Player events: Early 2, Hematite 682 – Durdle Hulinforge, Tenroujima, Usmok ochretangle, and Vognar Grimbeard enter the the city for the first time.

World / city events:

Large description:

Military/Fortifications: The city of Cais is completely surrounded by a 12 meter Wall, the lower 8 meters made of solid stone, and the top 4 meters made of wooden fortifications. The walls are adorned with towers made primarily of wood.
The City has a single large gate, protected by a stone gatehouse with murders holes and a double gated entranced.
The area surounding the city has been cleaned in a 250 meter radius, allowing the guards a good view of who is in the cities immediate vicinity.
The city guard and standing army consists of 420 Military personal(360 Archers, 60 Pikemen), if the city is under immidiate threat of attack a 600 strong draft will join the cities ranks. In addition to this, the city of cais will require all non citizens to protect the city as irregulars.

Places of Interest:
Two large orc camps lead by seperate warchief on bad terms.
An ancient Dwarven fortress a days travel away, which has in it an anvil possibly older than time.


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