Age of Darkness

Session 26 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

At the beginning of the session, Durdle Hulinforge among the land of the living once more. Weakened by the ordeal, he was nevertheless determined not to squander it, and, after meeting the rest of the party, agreed to help find the Lord Paladin and return him to the city of Ravenspire. However, the dwarf first had to rest to recover from his injuries… a process which did not amuse the eleven paladin accompanying the group, for Tenroujima’s life waned with every passing day.

Durdle had only 1 HP, so he wasn’t exactly in a hurry.

Eventually, the party set out from the city, traveling northwest towards Wedgemore. The journey through ominous, undead-infested terrain did not go unimpeded as the group had a near death experience with a large group of nasty creatures who had the supernatural power to bury them in the ground with but a slam. Still, the intrepid adventurers managed to prevail, and they soon found themselves at the city of Talon, where a paladin named Saftin begged their assistance. Regular disappearances were happening in the city, people of all sorts being taken for reasons unknown. No one was safe there… and the group, after some deliberation, agreed to play D&D CSI. They visited the mayor’s house, scared the gnome cook there, visited the wizard’s tower, scared the apprentice there, visited a barn full of farmers, and annoyed the farmers there. Durdle and Alfred Deyzac were finally able to wrest some information from the wizard’s apprentice, causing them to recheck the mayor’s house for an underground passage. As it turned out, there was one, and there were four undead beasts inside, foul creatures who had been modified to have claws suitable for digging.

It was then that the human paladin Saftin (who had curiously lagged behind the group and did not participate at all in the encounter) informed the party that there was a very potent artifact of Pelor buried beneath the city, and he begged for the group’s assistance.

What happened afterwards? That happened in Session 27!



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