Age of Darkness

Session 24 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

The party continued its adventures in ouuuterrr spaaaaaace! More specifically, a journey into some sort of memory simulator embedded within a special plane created by a once powerful wizard. The goal? To gain control over the plane. Unfortunately, the party did not, in fact, know anything about the man who created the plane, so they had a difficult time reenacting his memories. So, after failing to bypass the security measures, they were accosted by an apparition of the wizard… one who didn’t take too kindly to the forgetfulness of his real life counterpart. Ergo, he asked the party to kill him and revive him with a special ring, thus restoring his memories; in exchange, he would return the party to the Material Plane.

However, the party didn’t trust the old man, and for good reason. What little the group knew of him was that, long ago, he WAS a powerful wizard… and was also what some would call “evil.” Call it a hunch, but the party agreed with that philosophy. To this end, Alfred Deyzac (played by iPope) hoped to gain the old man’s memories – and thus control over the plane – by having the other adventures put the ring on his finger after they, well, killed him.

Thorak the Ineffable (played by Grimith) obliged.

It didn’t work.

So, after expending a one-shot true resurrection tool, the party went back to the memory simulator to find another way to wrest control of the plane. This involved considerable hurr-durr through fist-shaking and saber-rattling until Alfred – being the incredibly intelligent man he is – managed to convince the apparition that he was, in fact, the old man. With the security measure successfully bypassed, the transmuter gained control over the plane, and the day was saved!

After some fiddling, Alfred created a portal from his sweet new ride back to the material plane, to that positive energy rift the party fell into ever-so-long ago. What does he plan to do with the digs? Only a wizard could say! What about everyone else? Well, they’re getting back on their newly repaired boat and continuing the trip to Chkarthamore. The grand adventure will inevitably continue to be filled with more sabotage than you can shake a stick at; just because Tenroujima (played by SirKulinski) got purified doesn’t mean there aren’t ninety-nine other enemies of the party.



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