Age of Darkness

Session 23 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

On the island of Elven Wharrgarbl, at a spring full of positive energy which served as a planar rift, an elven paladin performed a ritual designed to allow the party to confront the shadows haunting them, particularly Tenroujima. The ritual was a success, and the adventurers fought heartily (some of them without any equipment) against their foes.

Good news: They won.

Bad news: They were sucked through the planar rift into parts unknown.

Stranded and confused as to their surroundings, the party had no choice but to go forward into the mysterious realm. Rust monsters were slain. A bridge over lava was found. And a peaceful garden, full of various rare herbs for all sources of purposes, was located. Seeing no method in the grove by which they could return home, the adventurers were forced to cross over the lava bridge and into another portal, a portal which carried them to a different area of the miniature plane, where there resided a giant crystal and an old man with a curious head wound.

The old man, at one point, had been a wizard of considerable skill who had made this place to pursue his own endeavors. However, the injury sustained to the back of his head appeared to prevent him from remembering anything about his life, so he could be of little assistance. All he “remembered” was a sheet of paper which could summon an Elsewhere in a nearby pool of water, through the library. The party took this paper, shrugged to themselves, and ventured south.

Unfortunately, it was a trap, because the sheet of paper summoned a mind flayer and its coterie of lampreys! Durdle Hulinforge and Alfred Deyzac were stunned for some time, whereas Tenroujima and Usmok Ochretangle were charmed and soon knocked unconscious by Thorak the Ineffable. The half-ogre, on the other hand, withstood the mental assaults and tried to bait the mind flayer to come within melee range. Failing to do so, Thorak then leapt at him… and fell short, into the water. Fortunately, Durdle soon broke free of the stun, and he managed to finish off the foul creature.

Returning to the old man, the barely conscious Alfred began poring through one of his textbooks, trying to unravel the secrets of the plane. Everyone else stayed sharp and waited for what challenge awaited them next…



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