Age of Darkness

Session 30 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

Last week, Session 30 began with the party arriving once more at the city of Wedgemore by way of the East Road. They sought the Lord Paladin, head of the Temple of Light, to report of current events… you know, the usual meet-and-greet of polite society. Such current events include Durven Keep being ransacked by giants, with almost all of its defenders being slaughtered or forced into slavery (as seen in Session 28). Thankfully, the party managed to rescue one of the Paladins from imprisonment, a man who knew the way to the Valley of Kings (as seen in Session 29). In addition, Durdle had curious information to share: Servants of Nerull and Orcus (the God of Death and Demon Prince of Undeath respectively) were purportedly warring with each other! What did this mean for the denizens of Chkarthamore? No one could say, but it was interesting news indeed.

After the group paid their respects to Lord Leofrick of Wedgemore (your fiancee’s perfectly fine isolated in the Valley of Kings, okay? Now we’re going to go be good little knights and retrieve the Radiant Servants of Pelor so the undead don’t eat all of you), they left Wedgemore by way of the North Road, destination set near the landbridge between Chkarthamore and the northern Scar. No longer burdened by their fallen companion Tenroujima, they made great time – and they needed to, for finding these powerful clerics was crucial to the success and survival of many people.

Along the way, our intrepid adventurers came across a broken bridge which served as the shelter and hunting grounds for an ettin. Thorak the Ineffable (played by Grimith) decided to parley with the creature, “befriending” it about as well as you can befriend a stupid, two-headed giant. Consequently, the party avoided an unnecessary fight, although most of them could simply fly across the damn river. As for the half-ogre, after learning of potential dangers in the water, he lured the ettin across by sacrificing Durdle’s horse, then traced the giant’s footsteps back to safety. Ettins may be perceived as evil, but the party could not afford to be waylaid on their quest.

Shortly after bypassing the river, the group encountered three messengers from Red Sands, traveling south to spread dire news. This encounter went very well, and the party even learned the current whereabouts of the Radiant Servants of Pelor: An old sun fortress not far from the landbridge, where they had ensconced themselves after encountering giants.

What kind of giants? Upon the party’s approach to the fortress, they learned that the giants in question were of the fire variety. And they had salamanders to fight alongside them. Goodie goodie gumdrops. How did they learn this information? By facing a fire giant and four salamanders in mortal combat. That was the final mistake those creatures ever made.

Once the group reached the Old Sun Fortress, they began to parley with the Radiant Servants and learned much. Most of their number had been decimated by a giant ambush – they were trained to fight the undead, not massive creatures with stout swords and fiery boulders. Lacking a leader, they were divided on what course of action to pursue next, but most of them wanted to remain in the fortress so they could rescue an important captive from the clutches of the giants. A day passed as the party rested and thought about their next course of action… and that’s where Session 31 will begin, at daybreak, before our foolish do-gooders commit to a suicidal endeavor.



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