Age of Darkness

Session 29 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

At the end of Session 28, the party had just executed a fantastic raid on Durven Keep, slaying the giants and undead who had taken control of the fortress along with rescuing a man who could guide the group to the Valley of Kings . This fabled location, shrouded in secrecy, featured a great rift to the Positive Energy Plane, larger than the rift encountered at Elven Wharrgarbl. It was the place Qualic Salishalas, the elven Radiant Servant of Pelor traveling with the party, sought to bring Tenroujima Acnologia to restore her health and spirit. Thus so motivated, our intrepid adventurers made it to the valley after only a few days, and Session 29 began proper.

True to rumor, the Valley of Kings possessed a glut of positive energy, invigorating the characters while providing a near-blinding amount of light. Usmok Ochretangle (played by Jake) and Durdle Hulinforge (played by Gryphongod) saw this as a good thing, whereas Thorak the Ineffable (played by Grimith) became increasingly agitated the longer he stated in the region. Alfred Deyzac (played by iPope, who still hasn’t used the tools of this wiki to create a page for his character) remained his naturally curious and somewhat suspicious self.

The party was met by a man named Seras who kept steward over the valley. He made polite conversation, asking of the group’s intentions and of news in northern Chkarthamore. Thorak didn’t much care for such chatter, joining Qualic outside as the elf began preparations to descend into the valley proper. Eventually, Alfred and Usmok joined them, but Durdle lagged behind, receiving a tour of the small fortress protecting access into the valley. Eventually, though, everyone united together and began their descent into the clouds of positive energy, seeking a particular destination where Qualic could begin to purify Tenroujima.

In such a vibrant area, free from the taint of undeath, life visibly thrived. Thus, it came as no surprise when, shortly after a blinding flash of light struck the party, a powerful monster charged the party. This behemoth – an energized, ten-headed hydra – was both potent and fast, and its wounds quickly healed. Complicating matters were the shimmering souls of those mortals who had died in the valley; they appeared to juice up the party with positive energy, but, in the process, Usmok’s two eagle companions died in a shower of light. However, the party eventually prevailed, and they continued traveling through the treacherous territory, soon coming upon the temple that Qualic sought.

It was here that Qualic parted ways with the group, for he needed to keep Tenroujima at the location for some time, and it would be foolhardy for the party to wait when there was so much in the world that needed to be done. Before Qualic began his ministrations, he took some time to revive Durdle’s fallen companion, Stupid Goblin. Usmok also took the opportunity to perform the ritual which would bring Twizzix – his giant eagle – back to life. Alfred went to sleep to refresh his spell list, and Thorak trudged back through the valley to the fortress. While waiting for his companions, the half-ogre spent time purveying several maps of northern Chkarthamore, seeking to learn more about the region and the best possible travel routes. Eventually, his companions joined him, and they set out for their next destinaion: The landbridge between Chkarthamore and the northern Scar, where the party had heard the Radiant Servants of Pelor might have gone.

A few days into the trip, our foolishly curious friends came across two humans resting by the side of the road in the middle of the day. Thorak, being the only intelligent creature in the group, saw the ambush for what it was and walked on past. Alfred and Durdle, however, decided to engage the humans in conversation despite strong evidence suggesting this was a trap. With the Admiral Ackbar Alert klaxons going off, it came as no surprise that these two humans were, in fact, part of a trap, and there were suddenly entombers and skeleton archers breathing down the party’s neck. Joy of joys. Compounding the problem were two visages who managed to dominate both Durdle and Thorak, filling their minds full of rubbish about how these two mortals were to be champions in some crazy conflict between undead and demons. Alfred, meanwhile, had managed to get himself pinned underground by the entombers again, leaving only Usmok as the last real threat… until the visages commanded the two dominated party members to attack their friends, resulting in them both rolling 20’s on their Will saves. It was touch and go there at the end, but, ultimately, the group survived. Usmok nearly lost his life, Alfred nearly suffocated, Durdle nearly lost his mind, and Thorak nearly killed everyone for being stupid. After short, curt words, the adventurers agreed to head towards Wedgemore to report to the Lord Paladin before heading further up north towards the landbridge. What other absurd hijinx will they get themselves into? Find out in Session 30!



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