Age of Darkness

Session 25 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

After returning to the Material Plane, our intrepid adventurers spent several days on Elven Wharrgarbl while dockworkers fixed their vessel (it having been damaged by a kraken and all). Aftewords, the party set sail across the ocean towards Thrakai with a new passenger; the elven paladin who had previously been the steward of the positive energy spring. He tended to Tenroujima Acnologia during the trip, guiding her through prayers and attending to her well-being. Thankfully, Caeven Stonewave had the presence of mind to buy enough food for the crew in the absence of a cleric’s sustenance creation magic.

Upon reaching the outskirts of Thrakai, the party noticed that the city had been mostly ruined. Among the remnants of the burnt husk were dark elves (or drow). Evaluating their priorities, the party came to the conclusion that it was best to skip the city and just sail north to Chkarthamore. Not only was there insidious undead to repel, but Tenroujima’s life depended on the restorative properties of another planar rift located up there.

Thankfully, the rest of the group’s journey was uneventful, and they eventually found themselves in the port city of Ravenspire, whose ominous countenance and dispirited residents made for an ugly sight. At the Temple of Light – host to the worship of Pelor – the party acquainted themselves with numerous guards as well as High Priestess Theanna, who oversaw governance of religious affairs in the Lord Paladin’s absence. She asked for help in dealing with an undead problem, and the adventurers – being the nice guys they are – agreed to assist.

The “undead problem,” as it were, referred to half-eaten people being found in the less-traveled streets of the city. The party reasoned that the attackers likely lived in the sewers beneath the place, and they were right. The attackers, in fact, were ghasts and ghouls, horrific creatures who preyed upon living flesh. Although neither Tenroujima nor the elven paladin were with the group, they prevailed handily and returned to the Temple of Light to report of their success.

Unfortunately, another “undead problem” popped up in the temple itself. Two corpses, struck down by fell necromancy, reanimated themselves into hideous creatures whose mere gaze could kill. Durdle Hulinforge learned this all too well, as he met the soulless gaze of one of the bodaks before falling dead on the spot. Thorak the Ineffable and Usmok Ochretangle, angered by the loss of their companion, quickly slayed the beasts… and reported their findings to the High Priestess. She offered to assist Durdle if they would report to the Duke of Ravenspire in her stead.

The Duke, upon learning this information, bade the group leave as quickly as it could in a trip up north to find the Lord Paladin and bring him back to the city. If the undead were so thoroughly capable of infiltrating the city using a variety of methods, then the religious warriors would be needed in order to solve the problem.

What happened afterwards? That’s to be discovered in Session 26!



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