Age of Darkness

Session 22 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

Sailing, sailing, sailing the ocean blue… People want to kill us all; that they’ll never do!

The party sailed from the city of Dracana, following the western coast of the southern Scar, heading towards the city of Thrakai. Along the way, crew morale dipped to unacceptable levels… so Durdle Hulinforge (played by Gryphongod) decided to resolve this through performance arts. Unfortunately, his performance was so exceptional that it attracted the attention of a kraken, who feasted upon numerous members of the crew and threatened to break apart the entire ship. On the other hand, this majestic sea creature wasn’t very bright, failing to play to its proper strengths out of what one could assume was hubris. After all, it’s not every day that you encounter a group of adventurers who can go toe-to-toe with a gargantuan creature.

The kraken, finally realizing that being exposed outside the water wasn’t the best idea it’s ever had, jetted away in a flurry of ink, leaving the group breathless and the ship damaged. On the bright side, crew morale sharply increased. What a great performance that was!

Shortly after dealing with the foul beast, the party spotted an approaching ship on the horizon. Who was aboard the custom-made dwarven vessel? Why, dwarves! …And elves! Dwarves and elves, bound together in naval matrimony. Apparently, the captain had received orders from the priests of Pelor to find the travelers and bring them to some city named Elven Wharrgarbl. The party, after contemplation, agreed to this because… well… it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least they weren’t splitting up or anything stupid like that, right?

Upon arriving at Elven Wharrgarbl and becoming acquainted with the surroundings, the group was escorted by a talkative dwarven monk to some spiffy healing springs which, true to their name, rejuvenated those who laid within them. However, the primary purpose for being there was because of Tenroujima (played by SirKulinski). Tenroujima had a… rather unfortunate run-in with a servant of Nerull back in Dracana, and she may have done things that she later regretted. Kind of like partying during Exam Week in college. The guardian of these springs – being another servant of Pelor – decided that he’d help Tenroujima by channeling positive energy into allowing the fallen cleric to face the darkness threatening to overwhelm her… which totally sounds like a great idea. So that’s where this session begins now, in the hour before the darkness arrives. What horrors await our intrepid explorers? Will they involve advanced sahaguin? A squad of sirens? Various temptations that will cause the party to split up? Perhaps more people will politely ask them to leave their equipment and valuables behind.



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