Age of Darkness

Session 21 Recap

What you missed on "Dungeons and Dragons Z"...

The party arrived at the city of Dracana, the gateway between the southern sea and the rest of the world. Its artificial canal sees considerable traffic, and Caeven Stonewave‘s ship was one of many. While Caeven himself disembarked to deal with paperwork, our “heroes” sought to stretch their legs on land and perhaps do a bit of shopping. Along the way, they met a too-friendly, too-crafty street urchin by the name of “Little Mike.” The kid took great interest to the group for reasons he didn’t mind sharing: Someone in Dracana was waiting for them to arrive.

After the party finished peddling their wares, circumstances conspired to cause them to split up. Being the incredibly gifted individuals they are, they saw no problem with going their own separate ways within the strange city. Durdle Hulinforge (played by Gryphongod) learned that someone was waiting for him in a bathhouse. Alfred (played by iPope) met an “old friend” of his who wished to discuss “the old times.” Tenroujima (played by SirKulinski) was messaged by a familiar voice who wished to test her dedication to the one true god who would bring peace and prosperity to the world. As for Usmok Ochretangle (played by Jake) and Thorak the Ineffable (played by Grimith)… well, no one was stupid enough to want either of them, so they went off exploring.

As it turns out, being less desirable is a good thing. While relaxing in the bathhouse, Durdle came face-to-face with his old master, a fellow named Bart who had plans for his former apprentice. Alfred gave his spellbook to a man who turned out not to be a long-time friend of his at all. Tenroujima ended up listening to some shadowy creature who wanted to convert her to the service of Nerull. Three player characters, three assassination attempts. …But, wait, what became of Usmok and Thorak?

Well, Usmok’s random wanderings took him to the park, where he saw Tenroujima under attack and saved his friend from the shadowy apparition. As for the half-ogre… Little Mike found him and warned him of the trouble that the others were in. Thorak then proceeded to smack said trouble in the face, starting with the fire-breathing sorcerer who threatened Alfred. Ultimately, the three threatened characters survived (Thorak saved Alfred, Usmok rescued Tenroujima, and Durdle stabbed a mass of incorporeal cold in the face), and, after their various ordeals, they all returned to the ship and resolved to leave Dracana as soon as they could.

The characters sold their loot, claimed their returns, and steeled themselves aboard their vessel for whatever perils lie beyond. Because, rest assured, these adventurers have made many enemies, and those enemies will not rest until they bring ruination…



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